Saturday, June 12, 2010

There are no coincidences…

In the past several weeks I have been working tirelessly on Sucre Lulu inventory. Managing the house, working, rearing children and trying to take care of myself has been interesting to say the least. I have had the opportunity to meet a number of amazing mom bloggers, whom have done some amazing reviews on the accessories. I cannot thank Jill from “Women Who Do It All” blog, and Chelle from “The Winey Mommy” (both of their giveaways close at 11:59 tonight). Tomorrow Brittany from “The Greer 5” will be doing a review and giveaway and next Friday Crystal with “Wanna Be Balanced” will be doing yet another. These women have blessed me, and I feel honored and humbled by the opportunity they have provided me. I have already received a number of orders and I cannot thank them enough. Last week I made several trips to the Post Office; however one of the packages I was most excited about sending was that to the winner of the Buckles and Spurs Auction (fundraiser to help find a cure for Parkinson’s). This auction was last weekend in Atascadero, CA. I cannot thank Heidi and Tracy for allowing me to be a part of this event.

So where am I going with this…. Is this another senseless rant due to my self diagnosed ADD? NOPE… Just today I met a man whom makes shirts out of his home. He worked for 30+ years as a designer/print screener. Although Steven was hesitant about me going to someone’s home for the shirts I knew in my heart and gut that it would be okay. I sat and listened to this man talk about his years working, the people whom he has met, and the best part… how much he LOVED his job! He customized three shirts for me and the kids, and a business shirt for me. We discussed Stevens time in Iraq, how my business is challenging but rewarding and how he has stayed in business for so many years. He is launching a new product… Dreams on a pillow! He takes pillow cases, prints a picture and a saying on it and every night when you lay your head on the pillow you close your eyes to your dreams. AMAZING and BRILLIANT… he made two for me and I have already sold two! He was so thankful that I would spread the word (via the net) that he made my business shirt for free. I left his garage / store and for an hour thought about the blessings I have received from a few women who loved my product, and how I cannot wait to pay it forward. Once I have the pillowcases I will post them along with his information. I am going to talk to him about a possible giveaway, so stay tuned!

This week will be yet another week, as my baby turns 3, and we are preparing for Daddys arrival! Yes, you read that right… no more wondering, guessing or praying! Steven will be home in 10 short days. I am elated… it has been seven very long months and I miss him more than I can articulate. I miss the small things… the way he says my name, holds my hand in the car, makes my coffee, turns down the bed, does the dishes, and most importantly loves me (from our living room, not from a million miles). I am so happy and I look forward to your twenty days as a family!


  1. It was so awesome to see the look on the lady who had won the donated Suce Lulu clips by you. When I saw her at the table she was already putting one in. I told her my childhood best friend made them and she was more thrilled. It was awesome, thank you for being part of a wonderful event! So glad Steven will be home and your family will be whole, you all deserve the absolute best. Oh...and really proud of you for the awesome reviews. Your creativity and hard work are extremely inspiring. xoxoxo

  2. OH wow, that is so cool Theresa!!! I'm working on tomorrows post. So excited to share your talent with everyone!