Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cunningham Wedding

Two weeks ago my brother in law Scott and his fiancé Lindz were married in the Cayman Islands. Before they left Steven and I had them over for dinner and I gave her a special wedding clip. I wanted us to be a part of their special day even though we were not attending. I made Lindz a “something new, some blue, penny for your shoe” clip. I created a white flower with lace and blue ribbon accent, then in the middle added a penny dated 2009 (the year they became a couple) and completed the flower with pearls. She wore it the day of their wedding and she looked stunning. When she forwarded me the photos I started to cry not only because she was beautiful, but because looking at the photos I saw a couple truly in love… Scott looks at her as Steven looks at me and it is something magical.

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