Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blogging for the first time... EVER

Im a self proclaimed armature blogger… This is my first blog EVER… I feel as though I am so very behind times… sad state of affairs for Sucre Lulu. I have had the pleasure to meet a fellow crafter and blogger Edi Wadsworth (Life in Grace) and this weekend she encouraged me to blog! So here I sit… a million thoughts running through my mind as to where I actually start. I have come to the conclusion that this will not only be a blog with Sucre Lulu updates, but a blog about my hectic days, nonsense ramblings, and useless factoids.

For those who do not know me (and even care for that matter) I am: A stay at home mother of two, a wife to an amazing man who is currently in Iraq, a Christian, a business owner, a runner, a reader, a crafter, a thinker, and a “what ifer.” I trust God, I have faith, I honor my parents, I teach my children the difference between right and wrong, I am loyal and an armature blogger. I love rain boots, the ocean, cleaning products, sushi, antiques, thrift stores, heated car seats, pillows, Sunday family dinners, electric blankets, cooking, and the library. I cannot live without my husband, my Bible, flat iron, scarves, Bounce fabric sheets, slippers, running shoes, Nike sports band, seltzer water, and my Blackberry.

On a business note… I have started adding flower pins to the Sucre Lulu accessory line. They are turning out beautiful. I have been making new hair clips; and those too have turned out much better than I anticipated. I will update photos on the site ( soon...

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