Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life, love and experience….

Today started like this… READY, SET, GO....FASTTTTTT…… I woke up today (under my ever so warm electric blankie) thinking of the things I had to accomplish; however I took a deep breath and thanked God for the day that I had ahead (as it was not promised). So then… up and at it… Bible Study, kids up, beds made, showers taken, breakfast and lunch made, P90X DONE… oh, and some sewing was completed too. By 2pm I was exhausted, but I was excited to work in Ethan’s class and start our trek to Clearlake. Saturday is the memorial for Grandma Kathy (my brother in laws grandma). Although grandma Kathy was not “MY” grandma, my brother in laws family has welcomed me with open arms as one of their own over a decade ago. In fact, Lulu and Ethan consider them all grandparents, uncles and aunties! They love the family property (not the switch backs up), the horses, cows, water, wild life and country music! I love the lake, bed and breakfasts, horses, view, and the fact I will never reside HERE! And sis WILL.

After a four hour journey (which should have taken two hours)…. We arrived at the condo ready for a weekend full of laughs, tears and stories. The past few hours have been interesting to say the least. Not a bad interesting but a comical family interesting! As I sip… no guzzle my Fre (non alcoholic wine), I laugh at the political bantering between my loved ones. Very comical to say the least, and yes… I added my own commentary (to keep fueling the fire perhaps). All has quieted (after the condo police and my mother in law grounded us), and now that Joe Joe is here Im sure this 1 am party will last a few more hours! Oh wait…. Jen is up! Now the party has started….

All that aside… today has been a day of reflection. I have thought a lot today about the circle of life. As one life begins, one life ends and thus is the cycle. I thank God for my husband, babies, family, and friends. I cannot take any days for granted and as difficult as the day might be I know that someone has it more difficult than I need to be happy with what I have… again anyone that knows me knows I don’t take the little things for granted!

So at a little after 1 AM, good night moon, good night Clearlake, good night Ethan, good night Lulu, good night family, good night friends and good morning my wonderful darling husband!

AND PS…. P90X killed me today… OUCH

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