Sunday, January 31, 2010

True Love

I sat among family and friends yesterday whom celebrated the life of Kathy Jones. When Papa Buster got up to speak I gripped my Kleenex as I was anticipating stories that bring me to tears and instantly. Well he did just the opposite. He mad me laugh. He told funny stories about their life on the ranch. The service was short and sweet… yet it made me think of my life and my life with my love. Without being morbid I thought about, what stories would he tell… would he make everyone laugh? How many people would be attending? Will they have cake? If I could make one request…LOTS OF CAKE… I love, love, love cake…. At the end of the day I had just a bit more appreciation for Steven and our life together. Only God knows when it’s my time to go home; it was something that I have always feared (or perhaps it was the way I was going to die is what I feared)… but as I age I realize when it is my time…. Well it is my time! My hope is to raise my children to be honorable and to follow their dreams (whatever they may be) and that my husband knows that I love him… I love him with all my heart and soul (even though I get busy and don’t always tell him) and that I am very proud of him. I am proud to be the tail as he is the head and we work so well together. We cannot function without each other. So thank you for loving me Steven…

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