Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Clips and Pins

Last Friday Ethan and I went to Anthropologie to get a gift card. It has been about a month since I had been in last and as I entered the store it was as though I had NEVER set foot in an Anthropologie. It is my Disneyland! We walked slowly not missing a single section… we smelled every candle and perfume. Sadly their accessory section is not very big and it is near the registers. Great marketing, but it creates traffic jams and I feel rushed as I pick through the clips, rings and necklaces. I found a few hair clips I fell in love with. They ranged from $20-32, and knowing that I could recreate a similar clip I could not spend that kind of money on ONE clip. Perhaps for Valentines Day or my birthday I will treat myself (if anything I can use it as a proto type). Without further adieu here are the new clips and pins….

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