Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday – Valentine Mailboxes

There are a handful of days that I look forward to EVERY year. The first is my anniversary; second is Ethan’s birthday, then Olivia’s birthday, Stevens’s birthday, Christmas and Valentines Day… There is a common thread, birthdays (and Christmas is Jesus’ birthday) and love days (my anniversary and Valentines Day). Every year I make a BIG deal out of these “holidays.” Although Steven’s absence makes some of them a bit difficult and the amount of money I spend on them probably annoys him I just cannot help myself!

Last Thursday the paper I have been waiting two months for was in Ethan’s blue folder… it was his class Valentine list. He needed to make something to collect his “goodies” and since he is almost 8, well it needed to be “cool!” So, at first I asked if he wanted me to sew him a bag and he was grateful and sweet, but I could tell he wasn’t too thrilled. So I had an idea (which I thought was brilliant and no other creative mommy had thought of)… a mailbox! He loved it and it was genuine when he said… “Yeah mom, that sounds cool!” I started to sketch how I was going to construct it and what materials we could use. So I came up with the following (and needless to say, there are other moms whom did the same thing for their kiddos and sadly theirs turned out better – check out Pumpkin Patterns blog). So, I give myself an “A” for effort and the final result is priceless…

Here is what you need and what you do…

2 cereal boxes
1-2 smaller boxes (I used a cake mix box)
Glue gun (and glue)
Decorative paper
Mod Podge
Paint brushes

1. Cut 2 cereal boxes in half (you can use whatever size you want your mailbox to be). You will want four rectangles.
2. Lay one rectangle flat and fashion two additional sides in a dome. Glue. Let dry.
3. Trace mailbox ends with remaining rectangle.
4. Leave the front of the mailbox end a bit longer (sketch a dotted line on the lip).
5. Glue the ends on the box (glue a trim on the front of the mailbox – the piece with the lip).
6. Trace a flag out of remaining cardboard or paper (do not attach).
7. Once all the glue has dried its time to decorate.
8. I love Mod Podge so we tore strips of paper and painted it on with Mod Podge glue. We then decorated the flag the same way. Allow time to dry.
9. After the boxes dried I glued (with the glue gun) the flag on the box.
10. Final decoration… the kids used a variety of stickers to complete their masterpiece.

Happy Valentines Day!

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