Sunday, January 31, 2010

True Love

I sat among family and friends yesterday whom celebrated the life of Kathy Jones. When Papa Buster got up to speak I gripped my Kleenex as I was anticipating stories that bring me to tears and instantly. Well he did just the opposite. He mad me laugh. He told funny stories about their life on the ranch. The service was short and sweet… yet it made me think of my life and my life with my love. Without being morbid I thought about, what stories would he tell… would he make everyone laugh? How many people would be attending? Will they have cake? If I could make one request…LOTS OF CAKE… I love, love, love cake…. At the end of the day I had just a bit more appreciation for Steven and our life together. Only God knows when it’s my time to go home; it was something that I have always feared (or perhaps it was the way I was going to die is what I feared)… but as I age I realize when it is my time…. Well it is my time! My hope is to raise my children to be honorable and to follow their dreams (whatever they may be) and that my husband knows that I love him… I love him with all my heart and soul (even though I get busy and don’t always tell him) and that I am very proud of him. I am proud to be the tail as he is the head and we work so well together. We cannot function without each other. So thank you for loving me Steven…

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life, love and experience….

Today started like this… READY, SET, GO....FASTTTTTT…… I woke up today (under my ever so warm electric blankie) thinking of the things I had to accomplish; however I took a deep breath and thanked God for the day that I had ahead (as it was not promised). So then… up and at it… Bible Study, kids up, beds made, showers taken, breakfast and lunch made, P90X DONE… oh, and some sewing was completed too. By 2pm I was exhausted, but I was excited to work in Ethan’s class and start our trek to Clearlake. Saturday is the memorial for Grandma Kathy (my brother in laws grandma). Although grandma Kathy was not “MY” grandma, my brother in laws family has welcomed me with open arms as one of their own over a decade ago. In fact, Lulu and Ethan consider them all grandparents, uncles and aunties! They love the family property (not the switch backs up), the horses, cows, water, wild life and country music! I love the lake, bed and breakfasts, horses, view, and the fact I will never reside HERE! And sis WILL.

After a four hour journey (which should have taken two hours)…. We arrived at the condo ready for a weekend full of laughs, tears and stories. The past few hours have been interesting to say the least. Not a bad interesting but a comical family interesting! As I sip… no guzzle my Fre (non alcoholic wine), I laugh at the political bantering between my loved ones. Very comical to say the least, and yes… I added my own commentary (to keep fueling the fire perhaps). All has quieted (after the condo police and my mother in law grounded us), and now that Joe Joe is here Im sure this 1 am party will last a few more hours! Oh wait…. Jen is up! Now the party has started….

All that aside… today has been a day of reflection. I have thought a lot today about the circle of life. As one life begins, one life ends and thus is the cycle. I thank God for my husband, babies, family, and friends. I cannot take any days for granted and as difficult as the day might be I know that someone has it more difficult than I need to be happy with what I have… again anyone that knows me knows I don’t take the little things for granted!

So at a little after 1 AM, good night moon, good night Clearlake, good night Ethan, good night Lulu, good night family, good night friends and good morning my wonderful darling husband!

AND PS…. P90X killed me today… OUCH


OOOOOOh spelling and grammatical errors! I do apologize for the lack of editing I have done on this blog. I enusure I will get better. Perhaps midnight is NOT a good time to do my blogging.

My apologies!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unexpected Gifts…

I truly feel there is NOTHING better than unexpected presents from loved ones…this week I have received two gifts in the mail. The first was handmade soap from my Aunt Lynn (whom is a phenomenal artist in Laguna Beach), and the second was a coin heart that reads “you are loved” from my girlfriend Niki… aka Sunshine! I met Niki through another friend and we quickly bonded. She is amazing…she is so smart and funny… she is a HUGE Sucre Lulu fan too… anyway, as I was out today I just kept thinking how small tings are such blessings and they came at the perfect time. Such a God thing… that’s how He works… never early and never late… always on time; I have had an interesting week thus far and Im learning through my Creflo Dollar Bible studies that I CAN manage my stress. With that said, this is what I am doing different this year:

1. Breathe
2. Think before I speak
3. Read my Bible when I need a time out
4. Lower my decimals
5. Don’t use the word STRESS
6. P90X

Anyone who knows me well knows that one of the traits I picked up from my dad was the LOVE of infomercials. I have been wanting for a while to get on a better eating plan… I find myself NOT eating throughout the day and of all people I know this is super unhealthy. Well two days ago I woke up prior to my Bible study and was mesmerized and hypnotized by the P90X… so I am quickly approaching 33 and we are taking the kids on a tropical vacation this summer... we have pretty much decided on Jamaica (Beaches Resort). Therefore, I want to be in the best shape of my life (and stay in it). So I purchased the program. I have been so excited to start. Today yet another unexpected (I was expecting it on the 2nd or 3rd of February) gift came in the mail… it was my P90X kit. I have decided to go with the “lean” program. I ran 2 miles then got crazy with it. Today was my cardio day and it kicked my bum. I can tell my metabolism has kicked up a notch because Im huuuunnngry. I am committed to this and when I have my mind set… well its set. I will post my progress weekly.

I worked on two necklaces and more clips today. I have not had the opportunity to post the pictures, however I will. I am so pleased with how the new clips are turning out. They are so very vintage!

I will be attending my “grandmothers” (brother in laws grandmother, whom I have known for 15 years)funeral this weekend. Grandma Kathy passed away the 7th of January after her organs began to fail. I was honored to put together her power point and memory photo boards. Sys (my sister Erin), my mom and I start the journey to Clearlake Friday at 5:45. I am excited about getting out of town and giggling with Sys and my mom… we have fun together and I know it will be yet another memorable trip.

So, when I get back… I will have updates, photos, and other randomness.

Happy Friday friends…

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blogging for the first time... EVER

Im a self proclaimed armature blogger… This is my first blog EVER… I feel as though I am so very behind times… sad state of affairs for Sucre Lulu. I have had the pleasure to meet a fellow crafter and blogger Edi Wadsworth (Life in Grace) and this weekend she encouraged me to blog! So here I sit… a million thoughts running through my mind as to where I actually start. I have come to the conclusion that this will not only be a blog with Sucre Lulu updates, but a blog about my hectic days, nonsense ramblings, and useless factoids.

For those who do not know me (and even care for that matter) I am: A stay at home mother of two, a wife to an amazing man who is currently in Iraq, a Christian, a business owner, a runner, a reader, a crafter, a thinker, and a “what ifer.” I trust God, I have faith, I honor my parents, I teach my children the difference between right and wrong, I am loyal and an armature blogger. I love rain boots, the ocean, cleaning products, sushi, antiques, thrift stores, heated car seats, pillows, Sunday family dinners, electric blankets, cooking, and the library. I cannot live without my husband, my Bible, flat iron, scarves, Bounce fabric sheets, slippers, running shoes, Nike sports band, seltzer water, and my Blackberry.

On a business note… I have started adding flower pins to the Sucre Lulu accessory line. They are turning out beautiful. I have been making new hair clips; and those too have turned out much better than I anticipated. I will update photos on the site ( soon...