Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grab Bag Inventory SALE

Grab Bag Inventory SALE… We are making room for new accessories. Mini and Small Clips 5 for $20 (you may mix and match), and Large Clips 5 for $40. Contact me via Facebook, Twitter, Email or text!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cunningham Wedding

Two weeks ago my brother in law Scott and his fiancĂ© Lindz were married in the Cayman Islands. Before they left Steven and I had them over for dinner and I gave her a special wedding clip. I wanted us to be a part of their special day even though we were not attending. I made Lindz a “something new, some blue, penny for your shoe” clip. I created a white flower with lace and blue ribbon accent, then in the middle added a penny dated 2009 (the year they became a couple) and completed the flower with pearls. She wore it the day of their wedding and she looked stunning. When she forwarded me the photos I started to cry not only because she was beautiful, but because looking at the photos I saw a couple truly in love… Scott looks at her as Steven looks at me and it is something magical.

Monday, February 7, 2011

New and Exciting

I have read that via the blogging world never to apologize for not blogging… Being a type “A” people pleaser I am finding it mighty difficult not to say… IM SO SORRY FOR NOT BLOGGING. There, I did it… its off my chest. I have taken some time off from creating hair accessories because as most know, my husband was home for about 40 days for some R & R. I did use a few days to work during the holiday because I had a few custom orders, but his time home was spent with a much needed vacation and time for our family to bond.

I did however realize two things while I was “off.” First I realized how much I truly love my husband and look forward to day he is home for good. I am a very independent person and a few times I have to admit I would get REALLY irritated with the way he did dishes, made the bed or didn’t clean off the mirror after he would shave. I know that these are small insignificant things, yet being home by myself 90 percent of the time I get use to “my way!” Which, yes, I admit… it not the right way. Steven has been gone a week and today is the first day I am starting to feel like myself. This rotation has been a hard one and perhaps it is due to his lengthy vacation. The second thing I realized was I LOVE CREATING hair accessories. I really missed working in my office for hours and sometimes days!

So what’s new and exciting… well, I have sketched out a few things that I would like to try and decided that I will be using more jewel and bead centers versus flowers. I have noticed that they are selling much faster than the flower centers. During my down time my sister had a baby. She delivered about 7 weeks early and we spent many days and nights at the hospital. My gorgeous nephew was in NICU for several weeks and we LONGED for the day to bring him home. During my sisters stay, I “borrowed” a hospital gown (CLEAN of course), brought it home and made hair clips for Lulu, my sister and I; along with a pin for Mamaw (my mom). My dad has a crazy 33 year old tradition. On our birthdays, he wears the same shirt he brought us home in… so as Gru would say (for all you Despicable Me fans)… light bulb! I thought… we can wear these accessories when he comes home, and on his birthday… just a fun way to keep Papa’s tradition alive. Because my mind rarely stops moving at 100 mph, I figured I would extend to any of my customers the opportunity for them to send me material, t shirts, old blankies or any other sentimental fabric and I would create accessories that can be gifted or kept. Check out the clips and pin I made for Cassius’ home coming and birthdays! Contact me if you or a friend or family member is interested and I will work my magic!

I want to say thank you for being patient and loyal! I am back in the game and can’t wait to make some new and unique accessories in 2011!