Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sucre Lulu has the most beautiful models…

I will take this opportunity to BRAG about how beautiful Sucre Lulu’s models are! They take the cake on any beautiful girl or woman Glamour magazine shoots and publishes. Here are some snap shots of our accessories. Hope you enjoy!

Sucre Lulu Facelift

It has been a while since I have last blogged and in part was due to the blog facelift. I cannot thank Marina from Penny Lane Designs enough for her hard work in creating the new look. She truly captured my style without even meeting me! So, thank you again Marina you are a blog design genius!

Ok, as most know my New Years Resolution was… not to use the word STRESS… And with that said the past two weeks have been the most difficult since Steven left for Iraq (almost two years ago). In two weeks I have (in no particular order):

-Bribed my stubborn two year old with a pony, bike and puppy to take her antibiotics (all I have to say is whew thank goodness she didn’t take it – the pony and puppy would have been hard to explain)
-Spent several hours at Kaiser due to her not taking her antibiotic
-Dealt with a faulty thermostat on our BRAND new water heater
-Cried and prayed due to the terrible two’s and tantrums – and this is no lie
-Missed my sister whom was in Thailand more than I thought I ever would – because when Steven is asleep and something happens I pick up the phone and call her
-I came down with the flu
-Battled a bit of insomnia (it comes and goes)
-Had to jump start the Yukon with the Dodge in the rain
-Worked tirelessly on the backyard in between the rain
-Injured my foot
-Used a new exfoliate which caused adult acne, so I corrected with Retin A, which caused my face to peel off look burned
-My laptop froze and needed a hard drive replacement (I still do not have it)

I am sure I am missing something, but regardless of the “something” it has just been a difficult few weeks. I have learned a lot about my tolerance level, how to listen to my body (with being sick and my foot being injured) and not over do it, how important sleep really is, how heavily I rely on technology, and how embarrassing tantrums REALLY are (although I will never judge another mom at the market – because my “princess” is NOT perfect).

In the midst of all the chaos I have worked on new products and received a number of photos from people whom have proudly displayed them! I could not be more thankful for the support I have. I feel so honored that a few gift certificates and accessories will be auctioned off in March and April at two big events! I have also made the business decision to focus more on accessories rather than clothing. I will continue to sell my fun “onsie,” but after prayer and conversations with Steven I believe I am moving in the right decision...

So stay tuned for more accessories