Monday, August 23, 2010

Photo’s and Ramblings

It has been a wonderful summer… with vacations, family visiting and soccer; the Cunningham casa has been crazy! Although at times the house seems like a revolving door I have had some time to sit back, relish in the memories and thank God for my countless blessings. I realized last night that time passes us so quickly and as Horace wrote, “carpe diem!” Seize the day because we cannot foresee the future and time flies I feel like it was just yesterday I was kissing my kindergartener goodbye for his first day of school… and now he is in third grade!

I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people since I started the business. I have an eye for the arts, however my photography skills are lacking. We did invest in a new camera and I cannot begin to write about what a HUGE difference just that has made; yet photo editing has really been hard for me. I tried Corel and Adobe Elements and I failed miserably at both!!! I have been in touch with a few WONDERFUL photographers in the last few months and we have done some “trades.” Their work is stunning and I am struggling to write how thankful and amazed I am. These photos have just enhanced my site and I feel as though the true products uniqueness is captured.

This weekend was insane with soccer. Ethan had games Friday and Saturday and both nights I/we were at the field until after 10pm. Needless to say work has been on the back burner… I got up early this morning to check emails and get orders ready to ship… and the first email I read was from Sarah Wise ( Sarah took some photos of her gorgeous daughter modeling Sucre Lulu. I was in awe… in fact I immediately messaged Steven and said, “client I traded product for photos did her 1st shoot. I am updating my site. Pictures gorgeous. Cant w8 4 u to c the site I feel so blessed!” (excuse the text lingo) So, thank you Sarah and Kathryn (for modeling). Sarah will be doing a senior portrait session soon and will be taking more photos of Sucre accessories… I cannot wait to see the photos!!!

Finally, I have spent a few days here and there working on product and after many house made 102 new clips! I am waiting for the alligator clips to be delivered and once they are I will finish the clips and snap some shots and post…. Stay tuned because this is one of the best batches yet!