Monday, September 6, 2010

Whats New...

I spent 12 plus hours working on 246 new fall/winter hair accessories. I have taken photos of the mini bobby clips, small and large clips. I have organized them by flower color; I hope that it makes purchases a bit easier! I have been struggling with how to post my inventory on Etsy. Therefore, I need your feedback! Because I have over 300 hair accessories available and they are in two local salons it is hard to photograph each one, and post it on Etsy. I will be taking the new clips to the salons this week, so inventory will change yet again… Because you are my valued customers I need your thoughts! Leave a comment or your feedback, as its much appreciated. Don’t forget to scroll down to the previous post to see the new fabric and clips! Happy shopping…

New fabric…New Accessories

New Fabric

Mini Bobby Clips

Small Clips

Large Clips

Friday, September 3, 2010

Custom Onesies

Last week I received an order for four custom onesies… I loved working on this! I just happen to have some left over Chargers fabric (from a blanket I made for a friend), and needless to say the expecting mommy and hubby are Charger fans! Well, they were a hit!! I have been asked to do some toddler Lakers t-shirts, and a few more Charger onesies… I have posted the four I made for mom to be (I used my phone this time so my apologies for the poor photographs).